Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Metropolitan Room

Sunday I had the joy of performing for the third time at the beautiful jewel box cabaret club, the Metropolitan Room in Chelsea. It had been a while since my last show there.  A mad combination of life events prevented an earlier return there, but I was happy for waiting.  The time away had deepened my resolve to build repertoire that was more organic to my voice and spirit and the long preparation period was a key factor to getting closer to that goal. 

I put my obsessively curated program of tunes in the hands of some wildly talented and versatile musicians - Tomoko Ohno, piano (Japan), Andrea Veneziani, bass (Italy), Kat Modiano, flute (Israel), Rogerio Boccato, drums (Brazil) and Mahlon Hoard, sax (SC).  Not having hired a music director, Tomoko took the lead naturally and assisted in adapting little performed tunes from the Great American Songbook and what I now refer to as the "Great Global Songbook" into delicate Latin tinged gems.  Her playing is an intoxicating event in itself, but when paired with Latin based grooves, other stellar jazz musicians  and the "best of the best of" songwriters, singing became a numinous experience! 

The crowd was small on Sunday, something I had predicted from talking to many of the friends on my mailing list.  Sunday night, as I learned, is associated with Monday for weekday workers, and appears to be a sacred time for hanging close to home (at least in the evening), family time, laundry and shopping chores, etc.  EVEN SO, I was happy for the intimate crowd, who seemed thrilled to be away from their laundry and excited about hearing tropical music.


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